The Camp Ramah (NE) Eruv Project
September 12, 2022 - We inspected and repaired the "winter" Eruv at Camp. Below is the current map:


In early June 2009, we were contacted by Randy Bergel, Assistant Business Manager of Camp Ramah, New England about a redesign and construction of the Camp Eruv. This beautiful facility, located in central Massachusetts in the town of Palmer, hosts nearly a thousand campers and staff every summer.

The Eruv that was there had fallen into a state of disrepair and it was felt that a fresh review and reconstruction was in order. Through a series of site visits, we established the design for the "B" side of the camp and, during the week of June 1, this first segment was built. With some adjustments to the segment construction and a temporary segment to complete this Eruv (fully on Camp property) by the Shabbat of June 6, the first half of the new Eruv was operational in-time.

The second half was already underway during that week with the balance of the Eruv for the "A" side constructed during the early part of the following week. A site visit on Thursday, June 11, revealed several areas of the new construction that required modifications but, to a great extent, the staff did a terrific job of following the guidelines we had used for the first half of the Eruv. On Erev Shabbat, the maintenance crew from the Camp, under Randy's direction, made all required changes.

Meanwhile, the presence of about 8 outside neighbors who live on the Camp property but own their land plots made it imperative that a Kinyan Kesef be completed in time for Shabbat. Randy made arragements, under our direction, to meet with the Town of Palmer Manager and City Attorney to complete the Kinyan.

Below, Randy exhibits the Official Kinyan Kesef given to Matthew Streeter (Palmer Manager) at a ceremony at the Town Office on Erev Shabbat, June 12, 2009.

Camp Ramah Kinyan Kesef

The Greater Boston Eruv feels truly priliveged to have been able help the Camp rebuild its Eruv for the enhancement of the collective Shmirat Shabbat of the campers, staff, and guests during the year, and especially the summer months. It is planned that the campers will be involved in the weekly Eruv inspection so as to educate them in what the Eruv is, what is required for it to be valid from Shabbat-to-Shabbat and to experience, first-hand, an example of "Halacha-in-action"!