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Monday, February 19, 2018
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  February 10 (Mishpatim) and 17 (Terumah)

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Commemorative Refrigerator Magnet - 25 years of the Boston Eruv!

Our Mission: We operate and maintain the Greater Boston Eruv, one of the largest Eruvim in the United States. The Eruv allows people within its borders to carry on the Shabbat, an activity that would otherwise be proscribed by Jewish law.

Our Scope: The Greater Boston Eruv covers major parts of Brookline, Newton, and Brighton. An initial extension of the Eruv to include Nonantum (See the map!) was followed by expansion into most of South Newton. During Sukkot 5766, we completed a third extension to the Eruv that includes a significant portion of Boston University. In 5771, we added another small section in the Newton area. We also manage the Malden, MA (extended in December 2014) and the Brandeis University Eruv (which was extended into Waltham during the Fall of 2015). Beginning in 2014, we began two simultaneous projects, one to extend the Eruv into more of South Brookline and, for the first time, into West Roxbury, and a new Eruv on the North Shore (Marblehead, Salem, Swampscott). Our new South Brookline/West Roxbury extension was ready for service as of Erev Yom Kippur 5777. Our Swampscott Eruv (Phase 1) went online in the Fall of 2016.

Our Leadership: The Greater Boston Eruv is under the Halachik guidance of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann (Baltimore, MD) and local Rav HaMachshir Rabbi Naftali Horowitz. Dr. Jesse Hefter is lay leader of the organization and manages all aspects of the existing Eruvin (plural of Eruv) along with the expansion and/or construction of new Eruvin in the Greater Boston area.

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Eruv Chatzeros

April 5, 2017 - Rabbi Naftali Horowitz (Boston Rebbe) and Dr. Jesse Hefter perform Eruv Chatzayros for the Eruv.


Rabbi Moshe Heinemann (r) and Dr. Jesse Hefter surveying a portion of the proposed Eruv in the late 1980s

Fundraising for our 2018 campaign (our 25th year) started in December 2017; for 2018, our recommended contribution is $125.00. We are requesting that those that can help commemorate our 25th anniversary year consider a $250.00 contribution.

If you didn't hear from us by December 15, 2017, please contact us as soon as possible. We need everyone's participation! And remember... the Eruv is not a free service.

Our 2018 fund raising letter is available on-line. (Requires Adobe Reader, do you need it?: Get it here).

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-February 2018 - "Boating" on the Larz Anderson Pond

Although we generally use the Eruv Air (Swamp) Boat on the two pond sections at the Larz Anderson Pond in South Brookline for maintaining the Kashrus of the pverall Eruv, we have experienced extended cold conditions and the pond has been frozen now for weeks. In order to use the surface of the Pond (and skating is not allowed by the Town), we have used two remote-controlled vehicles simultaneously on each side. Below are images of the Eruv "Monster" Truck [New Bright RC , More info...] and the Eruv Amphibious vehicle [Brookstone Rover Land and Sea , More Info...] out on the ice. The former is controlled via a small hand-held controller and the latter via a smartphone or tablet (using WiFi).

The Rover has come in especially handy when the Eruv boat and Monster trucks have become stuck while out on the pond - the Rover has had no problems in pushing them back to shore! It is a rugged and reliable unit. It also includes an onboard camera and we attach here a picture (far right) of Dr. Hefter operating the Rover from the shore while the vehicle is backing away from the shoreline while out on the ice. Technology in the service of humanity and the Torah!

Truck on Pond Rover on Pond Rover Picture

-July/August 2017 - Commonwealth Avenue Reconstruction Project - Boston

After two years of planning, the Commonwealth Avenue bridge replacement project (Eastbound lanes) started. The impact to the Eruv has been mitigated through months of close cooperation of the Eruv Corporation President and representatives from Walsh Construction, one of the prime contractors on the project. Our northern Eruv boundary has been maintained even as huge cranes and other heavy equipment has been positioned in the worksite, only 100-250 feet away. We are monitoring the border carefully each week to ensure that there will not be any interruption of Eruv availability.

-February 2017 - First Phase of Swampscott Eruv Completed

We have completed the first phase of the Swampscott Eruv (overseen by the Greater Boston Eruv Corporation) and it is now operational. Thanks for the terrific partnership between Daniel Turgel and Rabbi Yossi Lipsker from the Swampscott community in partnering with GBEC to see this project through to a successful completion. Thanks to the Town of Swampscott, National Grid, and Verizon for their licensing permits. The community is now enjoying a new kind of Shabbos experience! The map of the Eruv is located under the Boundaries link. Kinyan Kesef

Dr. Jesse Hefter and Gino Cresta (Town of Swampscott Department of Public Works) execute a Kinyan Kesef agreement on January 23, 2017.

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Repairs: The Eruv is repaired by Dan Strom of Strom Electric.
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Tree Services: We have been fortunate to work with the good folks at BrightView Tree Care Services when a hard-to-reach twine crossing (usually with tree branches in the way) needs to be rebuilt. If you ever need tree care services, please consider reaching out to them! Try them at BrightView. You can also reach Michael Bonner directly at 978-244-1083 or mobile at 617-839-7275.

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